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Latest Google Play Store APK Build Now Available For Download


Search engine giants, Google, have been up on their feet with frequent updates on Google Play Store. Updates have been rolling out frequently, and the most recent Google Play Store build is the Google Play Store version 8.3.42. This most recent update was released on the 12th of October, and it comes with new features and security checks.

This update has been released a week after the last update, and it is an additional 16.9 MB. The most recent Google Play Store update does not offer much difference from the last version as everything on the user interface seems to be the same. Google had released an update that featured major changes earlier on the user interface recently, and this 8.3.42 version seems like an update that focuses on behind-the-scenes improvements and security checks.

The Google play store 8.3.41 version included some visible features such as quick install and cookbooks; its upgrade does not offer any of those significant changes, but we are sure that there are improvements on security checks. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a need for the update. We will keep checking though to see if any new feature pops up over time.

We expect that with this update, the issues that were noticed with previous versions will be appropriately improved. We expect bug fixes, security improvements, and stability with this update. The latest versions of Google Play Store are always the most protected and secure, and although they might lack some features you still wish for, they are worth downloading.

Google ensures that with new and frequent updates, users are protected and have access to the new apps that are added to the catalogue. We are still looking to find more visible changes on this update. As soon as we find them, we will share them with you. Even if there are no visible features in this version, we are sure that Google will cover that up with a newer version pretty soon.

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