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Clash of Clans Builder Hall Features More When Upgraded To Level 7


The Builder base in Clash of Clans (COC) was opened a few months ago, which kept players excited until this day. It is basically a separate game area in the famed COC, with its own currencies, win conditions, and troop systems. If you are new to the game or returning players, here are some information about the Builder base that you might find useful.

Builder Base Basics

  • Only gems are shared between the 2 bases, not even buildings or currencies.
  • You can get to the Builder base by unlocking it. Just build the boat on your main base in order to do it.

For older players, it is easy to do it with tons of resources already made available. New players can also get it easily by earning the resources required to unlock the Builder Hall.

  • In the Builder base match, 2 players attack simultaneously. The one who earns the most stars will win the match. If the numbers of stars are equal, the tiebreaker will be the percentage of the damage done.

Players will get 1 star when destroying the Builder Hall, 2 stars when destroying of 50% of all buildings, and 3 stars for destroying everything.

  • There will be no cost for training troops, but there will be a wait to retain troops, even without having a backup army.
  • You can get more elixir and coins faster by winning battles because no loots are surrendered by defeated players only via bonus.
  • Only 3 wins are allowed daily to get bonuses of loot and coins.

In July 2017, the Builder Hall has been limited to level 6 upgrade. However, a level 7 upgrade will soon be released for those who reached the 6th level of the Builder Hall. Here are some of the features to be added to the latest upgrade.

Giant Cannon

If you will upgrade to Builder Hall 7, you will have the chance to build a Giant Cannon defense. This is a defensive building with a range of 5 and 9 seconds attack speed. Giant cannonballs will be released after hitting a unit, which is unlike the regular cannonballs.

Moreover, the Giant Cannon is expected to deal a massive damage on each shot, but this is done quite slowly. The Giant Cannon reaches up to 12 hours of building at level 1 with a total damage of 125 per shot. When upgrading to level 7, the damage increases to 222 with 4 days of expected upgrade time.

The Drop Ship

The Drop Ship is able to drop fun-looking balloons that resemble skeletons instead of bombs. However, it will not deal any damage until it is destroyed. A special ability will be expected upon its destruction, which is called the Skeleton Burst. The said explosion will deal more damage and more skeletons, when it hits the target. However, it prefers to attack Guard Post troops in the process. The upcoming updates are going to hit Clash of Clans when the upgrade to Builder Hall reaches to level 7.

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