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[Download] Minecraft Better Together Update Available with Together Mobile, PC and Xbox


All video games have a common challenge to face when it comes to different gaming platforms. Not only that they have to customise the game for each different platform, but gamers can’t really be united in a single community. Minecraft is one of the games that decided to destroy these barriers, and bring together all types of devices. The “Better Together” update has finally been released for mobile devices, Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch should follow this winter.

One version for all platforms

This update will allow cross-play, bringing together all Minecraft players, no matter what device they use. You can play Minecraft on your Xbox and have friends that play it on their PCs, and you will all have the same version that offers the same content and the same features.

This is truly one innovative move, and the fact that the Nintendo Switch console will also join the list of devices makes the “Better Together” update one of the most revolutionary things in the history of gaming.

The other versions have been renamed

This new common version will be the one that will keep the original Minecraft title, while other versions will receive different names like Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Wii U Edition.

Minecraft cross-play won’t be available on PlayStation 4, Mac and Linux

Unfortunately, players that use PlayStation 4 won’t be able to join the fun. And it is not the first time Sony has issues with cross-play. In fact, this console allowed cross-play with Xbox One for the Fortnight game, only to remove this feature later on. When it came to the Minecraft update, Matt Booty, Microsoft Studios CVP, declared that “We just flat-out couldn’t get those two completely in sync.”

Other versions that are missing are the Mac and Linux ones.

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