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Minecraft Combat Update Brings The Game To The Next Level


Prior to the Better Together update in 2017, Minecraft had the Combat Update, which was launched in 2016. Mojang released the 1.9 update codenamed Combat Update. This was the original PC version of Minecraft. If you haven’t experienced this update, here are some of the features you might have missed.

  • The ability to make and use shields
  • The ability to a couple of weapons at once
  • Tipped arrows like the Spectral arrow to highlight the enemies
  • Special attacks for axes and swords
  • Cool down delays for attacks

The 1.9 update also enabled the expansion of The End, which was the alternate dimension that Minecraft players would fight the Ender Dragon, the first boss of Minecraft. By doing so, it would provide greater opportunity to explore and discover the End cities known as rare. Moreover, the Combat update has also given way for Shulker enemies, disguising themselves as regular blocks in the End cities.

Basically, people might associate Minecraft with the Creative mode. This enabled players to have instant access to various types of blocks in the game. Thus, it has given them the opportunity to build whatever pleases them.

The Adventure mode, however, allowed users to find or construct various elements or blocks so they can build structures. Due to the various hazards involved in the game, it makes this task difficult.

The Combat mode with a Hard difficulty was already tormenting enough before the 1.9 update. With the Combat Update, players were able to tip the balance with more difficult fights by going all-out with a pair of axes or swords, or blocking attacks with shields.

In addition, the Combat Update included the ability to combine potions and arrows in order to create tipped arrows. This would create the same beneficial or harmful effects of the base potion. Shooting an opponent would reduce their health slowly, but the reaction would be reversed if you would shoot yourself with the arrow of regeneration.

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