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Minecraft Update Available With Surprising New Features


It can be recalled that in June 2017, the World of Color Update was used as the name for Minecraft version 1.12. This was a major update, which has 7 pre-releases, the biggest number for any major update.

In this new update, certain additions were added to the game, which include the following.

  • Colored blocks, such as Glazed terracotta, concrete and concrete powder, and beds you can dye.
  • Multicolored parrots
  • Functions
  • The Narrator enables you to chat out loud the messages being typed. Just tap Ctrl+B to turn it on.
  • Hotbar can now be loaded and saved in Creative mode. Simply tap C+number to save and the X+number combination to load.

There are also some changes made to the game, which include the following.

  • Knowledge book and Recipe book
  • Updated color palettes of colored blocks making it more vibrant
  • Stricter NBT syntax
  • Using Advancements rather than Achievements

Better Together Update

Not long after all these is the Better Together Update 1.2. This one is intended to update the app for Windows 10 Edition, Apple TV Edition, Gear VR Edition, Pocket Edition, and Fire TV Edition. This one also has a new version for the Nintendo Switch Edition and Xbox One Edition.

This new update enables the merging of bedrock platforms under Minecraft. This reflects the addition of compatibility of cross-platform settings between different editions, such as the Gear VR Edition, Xbox One Edition, Windows 10 Edition, and Pocket Edition for Android and iOS devices.

Notable Features

  • Tutorials on How to Play, accessible on the Pause menu
  • Shortcuts for certain commands in the gameplay
  • Coordinates accessible only through cheats
  • Featured servers
  • Custom characters
  • Choice skins
  • Splitscreen
  • Starting map or bonus chest upon the creation of a world
  • Outline you can choose instead of highlight the block selection
  • Addition of Recipe Book
  • Ability to change the skin for players when playing a particular world
  • Permissions for players
  • Colored Stained Glass and Stained Glass Pane, which you can drop when broken with any tool

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