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Clash Royale Update Overview for October Onwards


Clash Royale is an online mobile card game that comes to life when played.  The game gets all its characters and buildings from the Clash of Clans mobile game. Like Clash of Clans, this game is also a strategy game where you will try to outsmart your opponent by playing your cards right to outsmart and outmaneuver them.

There are a couple of changes happening in Clash Royale starting this October and among the changes are three major updates that will have a major impact on the game.

One notable upcoming update will be the removal of the game Achievements. This move is due to some of the actual Achievements being ridiculously impossible to complete. One example is for the third tournament Achievements, which can be completed if you win 500,000 cards from a tournament. If you think that is easy, then you must be a godlike player.

The first major update is called Quests, wherein you will have to play daily and weekly Quests that help you achieve epic rewards. With Quests, the requirements to achieve and collect rewards are more possible than the requirements in Achievements.

The second major update is the addition on New Game Modes. The most epic update you will have seen so far is the Mirror Battles. This will test out who will have the better strategy, because in this mode you and your opponent will have the same exact deck to use. The game outcome will purely depend on how you outwit your opponent.

The third group of updates is the small and subtle game tweaks that are either the product of Supercell’s self-evaluation of the game or from the feedback of the game’s players. Among the changes include being able to copy and share decks from outside the game like on social media, getting free Epic Card from the Shop every Sunday and many more. Please visit their blog to know more about these minute but important updates.

To know more about game mode updates check this out.

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