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Lyft, Google Maps & All Locations Based Apps Will Be More Accurate


If you’ve had troubles with Lyft drivers being unable to find you with their GPS, then be at peace for where will be a solution. A new GPS chip will be a lot more accurate, and will also consume less power than the current ones.

From 3 – 5 Meters to 30 Centimeters GPS Accuracy

The chip we’re talking about is BCM47755, Broadcom’s chip that will have 30 cm accuracy, compared with others that have 3 – 5 meters accuracy so it will be a lot more effective.

The chip is very good for all apps that use location, the lane-level accuracy is great for turn-by-turn driving, also giving the users more information on traffic and estimation of arrival time to the destination. The apps will be able to pinpoint the client’s and the drivers’ locations.

We’re going to see this chip integrated into some smartphones next years. The chip uses the newest generation of satellites that broadcast a signal called L5, which is better than the global navigation satellite systems that have an L1 signal.

The BCM47755 chip uses both signals, locking onto the lower one, the L1 and refining the position with the help of L5. The L5 signal is better in urban places as it isn’t vulnerable to distortions rendered by buildings or different obstacles.

GPS Accuracy Has Been a Priority for Many Companies

The Broadcom Company is the first one to not only acknowledge the demand for a better GPS chip, but also to release an actual one that would rise to our expectations.

Similar to this chip, the GAGAN was released in September by the Indian Space Research Association but for airplanes. Another attempt will be made by Sapcorda, a joint venture from Europe, which wants to develop a similar accurate GPS but we’re yet to see it as it wasn’t unveiled.

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