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Google Chrome Fans Will Turn to Firefox Quantum


It took Mozilla almost a year of developing the fastest browser but they’ve finally made it! On November 14 we’re expecting the Firefox Quantum to be released and it will automatically update your Mozilla Firefox to Firefox Quantum. Right now you can have it as a Beta Version for Desktop, Android and iOS or as a Developer Edition if you are a web developer.

Firefox Quantum X2 Faster than the Last Year’s Firefox Version

In their blog posts the Mozilla team claims that according to tests, the Firefox Quantum is twice as fast as Mozilla Firefox was last year and is going to be faster – in some cases – than Google Chrome.

In order to improve performance and a faster browsing, Mozilla detected and squashed 468 bugs what interfered with the speed of the browser. A new feature introduced in Firefox Quantum is that the browser will only load the primary active tab and the rest will be loaded as soon as you jump to them. So results will come faster and will consume less RAM (30% less), making this browser faster than Chrome.

The new version of Mozilla Firefox is going for a Foxy look, with the Photon Project to back them up. The user interface shows that the browser is performing at a high level and will also be versatile to allow you to use a mouse or touch the screen with your finger. In this case, menus will change size when we’re going to use a finger instead of a mouse on a touch screen. The tabs will be square and you’ll see extensions, downloads, bookmarks and other tabs all inside a ‘Library’.

The browser uses Quantum CSS in order to speed the browser and reduce the needs of RAM.

The announcement of a new version of Mozilla is good news since they’ve turned off Firefox OS at the beginning of this year, in February.

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