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Huge Updates Download Available to WhatsApp for Android Beta


If you are a WhatsApp user, you have probably already noticed that the application comes with constant updates. While some of them are minor ones that bring some bug fixes; most of them come with some important improvements that are meant to enhance the application.

It appears that this method is the key to success, and WhatsApp continues to use it. Now the Beta version of the app for Android brought some new updates the include some major refinements. The update is also coming to the iOS version of this app.

Let your friends know whenever you change your number

All you need for a WhatsApp account is a phone number. However, sometimes you might change it and you need an easy way to announce everyone. The new WhatsApp update can help you with that. Now, whenever you change your number in WhatsApp, the app will notify all of your contacts.

This new function does not work just once; your friends will receive a notification every time you change your phone number. And there are even more options. If you do not want someone to know that you have changed your number, you can hide the change from that person. The update allows you to select the contacts that will be notified whenever you change your number. However, all of your groups will be notified automatically.

In order to update your number, go to Settings > Account > Change number. “For a seamless messaging experience, notify your contacts that your number will be changing before you begin this process,” WhatsApp adds.

Smaller app size

The new update also comes with a reduced app size. Package 2.17.375 had a 6 MB decrease. The reason for this smaller app size is the fact that 20 libraries where added in the versions above, which means that they were eliminated now.

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