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[Download] Google Earth VR Desktop with Street View Experiences


Google Earth is definitely the easiest way to explore the world without leaving your room. The app is very popular and millions of users access it every day. However, when it comes to VR, Google offered Google Earth, which was useful, but it missed one of the most important features of Google Maps: Street View.

If you own an Oculus you are already aware about the lack of 360-degree images of the actual locations. Meanwhile a view similar to the 3D Google Maps Satellite view was available.

A new update lets your use Street View

It appears that Google was aware of the potential of Street View, and it decided to bring it to Earth VR. Users will be able to use their VR headsets in order to virtually travel to another place. The experience will feel more realistic and you will be able to explore a location like you would actually be there.

However, there are some limitations for the moment. For example, you are not able to travel within street view. This means that you can only check one place at a time, and if you want to move a bit further you will need to return back to the satellite view and select the new location. This can make Street View feel more forced and it won’t allow the users to have a smooth experience.

Additionally, only 85 come with Street View imagery for Google Earth, which means that you won’t be able to teleport anywhere you want. First of all, you will need to check if Street View is available for your location, and then you can go and enter the spherical image.

While this update does lack some refining, it is definitely a step forward that should enhance the Google Earth VR experience.

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