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Google Play Store v8.2.36 Update Download Available with New Fixes


Google always surprised its fans with improvements on all its services. Now, the corporation has released a new update for Google Play Store, the official store for the Android operating system.

Google Play Store v8.2.36 update 

The new UI update will make it easier for users to jump between categories and make it easier to use. This means the navigation options will be more visible so as to easily have access to them. Each time users open Play Store, they can select the category they are interested in.

Before the new update, Play Store has different categories such as Movies, Music and Books or Apps & Games. With the new v8.2.36 update each category will have its own tabs. Play Store will also personalize recommendations for each user.

The update has been designed on stages, meaning that it will not immediately become available for your device. Those interested in getting the latest features can download the APK file of Google Play Store and install it.

More on Play Store

Android users can enjoy Play store after making an account. The app has over 2.7 million Android app which can be purchased by users from 145 countries. The apps can be distributed by developers in over 150 locations, even if some places do not support merchant registration.

This is important information since all app developers have to pay a 25$ registration fee to create a Google Play Developer Console account. This is a onetime fee and it also allows developers to control in which countries the app is being distributed to and the price depending on the country. Out of the price, developers get 70% and the 30% is divided among distribution partners and operating fees. To test a certain app, developer can select user groups.

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