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Google Earth Pro Newest Version Comes with New Names and Map Fixes


Google Earth Pro is a tool developed by Google which allows users to create maps using advanced tools. The program works on PC, MAC or Linux. The latest update released has made users unhappy due to the fact that the app could not function properly ever since they downloaded it. Others rushed to help out and some of the solutions they propose can be found in this article.

Maps trouble

Some users experienced problems with Google Earth Maps. The program loads everything except the map, offering users a black screen with red boxes, yellow borders and black screen. In order to solve this rather unpleasant issue, it is necessary to update the graphic drivers. This can be done from within the app by updating the software of the graphic driver and from Google Earth to DirectX mode.

There is another factor to consider when the graphic update has been done but the black screen is still there. Google Earth Pro is not available in all countries, therefore a good idea before installing it is to check if you can use it.

Another alternative is to simply uninstall the app and then install it again.

No names on Google Earth Pro

Some users experienced another issue connected with the names of the places they looked up using the app. To fix this issue is to check that the boxes next to Borders and Labels and Places are checked. This will ensure that place markers show the label of the map.

Google Earth Pro is popular for those who need to visualize and export GIS data or for those who need to calculate and compute distances using advanced measurement tools. The app has interactive mapping and data which can help users create interesting projects.

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