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Google Play Store Comes with Top Chart Rankings for Apps


Play Store has been updated lately and we’ve seen so many builds rolling out from Google that we almost lost track to the build numbers so far. Right now, Google Play Store has reached build number 8.3.41 and a lot of users realized that among all new feature, there is a new and very useful detail added to app descriptions.

Top Chart Ranking is Live

When you tap on an app to see its listing, under the Install/Uninstall bar you’ll see a button that shows you the app’s rank in a certain chart rank. For example, if you look at Spotify, it will appear that it’s the #1 Top Free Music & Audio, if you look Dark Sky, it is #1 Top Grossing Weather, looking at WhatsApp, we will see that it is #2 Top Free Communication and so on. If you tap on that button, a new page with the full Top Charts will appear for that category. However, it is a limited top 10 that you will find in these charts: Top Free, Top Grossing, Trending, Top Paid.

This ranking is great if you want to search for the best app in that exact category and jump to a similar app that will suit your needs and if the #1 Top ‘X’ app is not to your liking, you can go and look to the next 9 possibilities. Seeing the ranking will surely convince you to install or even purchase that app if it’s that popular.

This new option is not available on all Android phones, as it is a relatively new feature that has gone live for only a few devices. You will have to be a little patient and wait for it to appear on your phone too, as there is no other way to get it.

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