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[Download] Clash of Clans October Update with Friendly Wars Improvements and New Features


The soon to come Clash of Clans October 2017 update will bring to gamers new content for the main village. Many other new features for the game will be added with this new update, according to Supercell. The regular village will get new upgrades, AI changes and some general improvements.

Supercell announce the new update officially

This week Supercell announced the soon to be released update and released the upgrade notes. The note detail that this will be the biggest update since August.

Some of the improvements include boosts for troops, defense and walls. Also the update will not be focused on the Builder Base, but on the regular game.

Other upgrades include: Valkyries upgrade to level 6, Bomb Tower upgrade to level 6, Air Sweeper upgrade to level7, Golems upgrade to level 7. These upgrades will prepare the game for the Halloween event.

More improvements on the games quality of life

The Finish company will add 35v35 and 45v45 Friendly wars and it will allows 30 spectators to watch the live battles, increasing the limit by 10 if any of the spectators are on the gamers’ friend list.

A new improvement is the fact that incoming attacks will be notified even when the player is in replay mode. A new trophy limit for Builder Base has been added, including if someone wants to join the clan. Castle graphics have been upgraded and new clan badges are available.

Players can search faster by customizing their search based on Clan activity and Troop donation activity. An Online Indicator for friends and clan members has been added.

Conclusions and overall opinions regarding the new update

It seems that all the new features re mainly for long-time players and for the original Clash of Clans. Supercell has been very receptive to the critics it has received these months and it appears to have added most of the things players requested.

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