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Google Play Store Apk Missing? Here are Step-by-step Instructions to Download and Install it


Most of us using Android OS have Play Store already pre-installed into our device. Even if that is the case, sometimes technical issues can force us to delete this app and reinstall it. Sometimes it might also be the case that the latest updates are not available for a certain device and users might need to download and install Google Play Store.

Find the best version of Google Play Store

Before downloading the app, it is important to find the right version for your device and for you. Once that is established, it is important to know the build number of the update.

Use a reliable APK source

Most Android users are familiar with APKMirror and APKPolice. These two sites are known to offer safe and high-quality APKs. For those who want to explore additional sources, it is very important to make sure they are trustworthy and reliable.

To install the Play Store APK, users need to enable Unkown Sources option, which prevents users and apps from installing content which does not come from Google Play Store.

Learn to install an APK

In order to install an APK of your choice, it is important to use a file browser. Amaze File Manager, ES File Explorer Pro and File Manager by ASUS are just some of the file managers which users prefer. After the file manager is installed, it is necessary to open it and to find the place where the Play Store APK is installed. With a single tap on it onscreen instructions will appear and will ask you if you want to install the APK.

After having installed the APK, remember that the Unknown Source setting should be disabled in order to prevent third parties from installing apps and attack your device.

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