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GTA 5 London City Appears in a New Project


GTA 5’s famous modder Kieran is working on Project London, aiming to build inside the game a city resembling London. There is hard work to be done and plenty of work hours, but, according to modders, it is worth the challenge.

What has been built so far

Kieran calculated an average of 210 hours just to build the roads for Project London. He wants to make the city more modern, a bit different from the original GTA, where the action was set in the late 60s. To do so, the modder needs to install landmarks and that involves studying Google Maps, as well as video and photos of the city.

The modder declared that there are three people working on Project London (Kieran, Raddz Modding and Albo1125) so far and each time they finish building a landmark, for example Heathrow Airport, they release it.

So far the modders have finished creating most of London’s Underground stations, hospitals and British Emergency Services. Up next are hotels, billboards, bus stops and police stations.

Not an easy task for modder

As Kieran admits, Project London is a big commitment and due to his job at Lloyds Bank he does not always get to work on the new GTA city. However, he does enjoy to mod on GTA and he actually considers the game easier to work on than others.

It is also not easy to approximate when the mode will be finished. It is important to remember that hobbyist modders are working on the project and this means that it depends on the amount of free time they get. Kieran admits that he loves working on GTA 5 and he believes that the standard, vanilla game needs improvement.

All in all, it is not easy to give a city a British look.

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