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[Download] Google Play Store 8.3.72 APK Enhances Android TV Experience


There are many apps which make the Android ecosystem a premium operating system but Google Play Store sits at the middle of it. Without the store, Android fans would not be able to get their hands on the apps or mobile games they enjoy using. Therefore, Google is always making sure that the store runs perfectly and that no issues pop up.

Google Play Store 8.3.72 APK

What many might not know is that all Android powered devices use the same store. This increases the value of the store and it also shows us why Google needs to pay so much attention to it. With that being said, Android fans shouldn’t be surprised to find out that the store is being updated almost every week.

In fact, a new APK update for the store has just been published and its available for download right now. This APK is focused on Android TV devices and it takes care of some known and widespread bugs which were causing annoyances. We should also mention that Google is planning to release this update OTA (over the air) to the wide public but we don’t know when that’s going to happen.

Bug Fixes

Even though Android fans would certainly be happier to know that Google’s updates include innovative features, bug fixes are equally important. Without bug fixes, everything would be a mess. Furthermore, there’s no way to avoid bugs other than with weekly updates since a couple of them will always manage to pass through security breaches.

Nonetheless, this new APK contains a couple of bug fixes which make the Android TV experience more enjoyable. Considering how there are millions of Android powered TVs, Google doesn’t afford to let even one bug fix pass by and this update shows us the resilience of Google’s developer team.

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