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Google Play Services 11.7.43 Beta Downloadable APK Enhances Overall Performance


In order to provide Android fans with a premium user experience, Google optimized its operating systems so that all apps can update themselves automatically. The only thing that users need to do is to give them permission to download the latest features and bug fixes. This feature proves to be quite useful since no one enjoys having to check for new updates every day.

What many might not know is that Google Play Services is the app that’s making it possible for all Android apps to update themselves. This is why Play Services is considered to be a vital component in the Android ecosystem and why Google is paying so much attention to it.

Google Play Services 11.7.43 Beta APK

Android fans who are enlisted in Google’s beta program should be happy to know that a new update has just been made available for download. This new update changes Play Services build number up to 11.7.43 Beta and it enhances its performance.

As previously mentioned, the APK update is available for download right now. However, there’s a catch to this. Since this update comes in form of an APK, this means that Android fans are required to manually download and install it themselves. We should also mention that interested Android users should make sure not to do delete the previous version of Play Services since the APK will be installed over it.

Vital Component to the Android Ecosystem

Another reason why Android fans should make sure not to uninstall or delete Play Services is because numerous apps will stop functioning without it. Play Services is also responsible for storing important settings such as privacy, high or low graphics and more. Therefore, Google is rolling out a constant stream of updates to Play Services since there are so many different apps that rely on it.

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