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Google Play Books, Music, and Movies & TV are all iOS Apps


If you are a long time Android user, then you would have naturally gained some attachments to the vast array of apps featured by Google through their app marketplace the Google Play Store. The switch from using Android to IOS may come as shock to you and you may need to make some adjustments when you make the shift.

Especially if you were a user of Google’s Play Books, Play Music, and Play Movies & TV then you would be remiss in leaving all of your purchased favorite collections behind. You could however purchase them anew on your apple app store, but who would want to that?

Luckily, through the Apple App Store, you could download all three apps from Google into your IOS device without having to tweak anything.

Note that you will not be downloading the whole of Google Play Store itself since your IOS device simply won’t run Android apps. What you will be downloading are the specific Apps from Google that lets you read your favorite book, listen to your favorite music, and watch your favorite movie. To download them all you need to do is to open up your Apple App Store and search for them using the following keywords: Google Play Books, Google Play Music, and Google Play Movies.

Usually all of the first items from the search results are the original apps from Google. Tap and install them just like any other IOS app.

This way of bridging users from both platforms benefit the users as much as it benefits both Google and Apple.

Apple by allowing long time Android users to access their past purchases through Google Play Store at least in the mentioned apps, will have gained becoming a viable platform option for those who have a lot of purchases in Google Play Store. And Google gets to keep being in the scene even if the device being used runs on IOS.

It is nice to get things for free. Learn more about downloading via Google Play Store for free today.

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