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Google Maps vs. Waze – Best Features and Changes Comparison


Google Maps is hands down the most famous navigation app in the world, but Waze does come as a close second in many parts of the world. With Waze rising to success so quickly and effortlessly, it came as no wonder that Google actually bought it out a few years ago. So, technically Google Maps and Waze both flourish under the same mentorship. Still, the two apps couldn’t be more different. But is one better than the other? Today we have a look at both Google Maps and Waze to decide which one wins in terms of navigation.

Google Maps

Google Maps is an all-round multifunctional map app that can be used in various situations. First and foremost, Google Maps is excellent for planning trips, but also finding your way around the city on foot, getting hold of adequate public transportation and discovering new places in a certain area. Google Maps is also an okay app as far as driving is concerned. The more recently implemented traffic notifications that let you know when traffic starts getting bad in your general area are definitely a plus. Yet, Google Maps is not so driving friendly as Waze is.


Waze might not be of much help to you when you’re on foot, but when you’re in a car it’s priceless. Not only does Waze offer you the fastest route to anywhere, it also updates your drive in real time. With Waze you know how much time you are going to spend in a traffic jam and even when traffic clears up along the way. And it also helps you find an appropriate parking space if you need one. So if you’re a driver, Waze is the best app for you. For anything else, there’s always Google Maps to use.

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