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[Download] Google Chrome Update with Better Security Protocols


Google Chrome is the most widely used desktop and mobile browser in the world at this moment. And its popularity is no mistake. Google Chrome is hands down the most useful and effective browser that currently exists on the market, so it’s not surprising that no other such application has managed to steal its thunder in years. And now Google Chrome will add a brand new feature to its roster that is bound to make it even better-loved among the general public. What feature is that exactly? Keep reading to find out.

Better Security for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is adding a brand new feature that will enhance its users’ security tremendously. In this day and age of hacking and cyberattacks, it is of utmost importance to use programs, devices and technologies that are safe. And Google Chrome was safe already, but this brand new feature will make it even safer. From now on, if you try to enter any sort of information in fields on a website that does not encode them, Google Chrome will warn you.

A main issue with Internet security is that many websites are not transparent about whether or not they encode your association with them. You’d believe that all of them do, but it’s surprising how many of them don’t. And while you can find out if a website is safe to use from this point of view, it always implies going out of your way. But from now on Google Chrome will display a ‘Not secure’ dialog before you enter any information on a website that is not properly encoded.

So, what do you think about this new security feature in Google Chrome? Do you think it will help with online security? Let us know in the comments below.

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