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Google Maps Directions Not Limited To Earth, But Space As Well


Google Maps is a revolutionary way of viewing places and directions you can’t possibly do on a conventional map. It would take a computer or mobile device in order to get this app, which you can download from the official website or from the Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices.

However, it doesn’t end there, because Google Maps has now been enhanced to provide a more useful feature. Indeed, the famous Google Maps is not only dependable in giving driving directions on the planet, but it also allows you to go to space.

Exploring a number of planets, satellites, and the International Space Station is now possible via the revamped Google Maps feature. This has been made possible via the imagery captured by the Cassini spacecraft. This space vehicle was launched into space some 20 years ago in order to explore the solar system. Thus, it was able to send back great amounts of information and priceless images of Saturn and its numerous moons.

You can now navigate the craters of the moon or even the lakes of Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, which are composed of methane. Moreover, Earth looks even more gorgeous from the International Space Station.

In addition, you can enjoy viewing the planets and moons as they rotate in 3D view. So, you can see where the sun hits on which surface and which areas are on the dark side.

Although you won’t be able to search for locations in space, you can still zoom into the moons and planets, in which you can learn about various locations. Mars also is a great place to venture, as you can click on various regions in order to learn more about certain features of the planet and how each one got their names.

So, even at the comfort of your own couch, you can now enjoy viewing the universe, thanks to the massive pictures from NASA. More than 500,000 images taken by the famed spacecraft from NASA were used to reconstruct the heavenly bodies in the solar system. Just zoom out of Earth until you reach space from your Google Maps app.

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