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[Download] Google Maps Navigation and Transit 9.64.1 APK Update That Makes Traveling More Enjoyable


Anyone that’s planning to leave on a vacation needs to make sure that they have Google Maps installed on their smartphone. People who live in crowded cities where the traffic is always making them late for their meetings should also give Google Maps a try since its able to redirect routes to avoid traffic stops and bad weather conditions.

Google Maps – Navigation and Transit 9.64.1 APK

As the app’s name implies, Google is the one that’s directly in charge of it. The reason why this is important is because Google has a reputation for paying a high price on user experience and for always rolling out new updates.

This is exactly what’s happening with Google Maps since it features a simple to use UI and Google keeps on updating it every week. These updates are focused on bug fixes which further enhance the user experience and prevent the app form crashing or malfunctioning.

With that said, a new APK update has just been made available for Google Maps. This update brings the app’s version up to 9.64.1 and it contains a bunch of bug fixes. While people are more excited about new features, downloading bug fixes should also be everyone’s top priority.

Exploring New Places Like a Local

As previously mentioned, the app is a great travel companion. People who are interested in visiting a new country are going to benefit the most from Google Maps. The reason behind this is that Google Maps helps people find the best restaurants, top rated local business and places that are worth visiting such as zoos, parks and monuments.

Things get even better since Google Maps also includes real-life pictures of the places that are being advertised on it. For example, users can check out how the food looks like in a traditional restaurant before actually going to it.

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