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What is Microsoft up to with Minecraft?


How often does Minecraft update?

The Minecraft sandbox game has got to be one of the most heavily updated and supported sandbox games in the history of gaming. This is probably because of the number of supporters and user base it currently has. If you look at Youtube, a lot of Youtuber gamers still post about Minecraft updates and gameplays owing to the solid following the Minecraft game has regardless of the platform.

Why does Minecraft update?

One of the best traits Minecraft has, and is one of the reason why Minecraft has maintained a large following for so long is their ability to spew out notable and meaningful updates. They constantly improve upon the current gameplay and looks to continually create new details that any player might find important. They also take feedback from users seriously and quick to respond bugs and glitches with fixes and patches.

What is the Latest Update for Minecraft?

The Better Together update is probably one of the biggest updates Minecraft has ever seen. This might also be one of the biggest news for Minecraft gamers since the change of ownership when Microsoft bought the game from Mojang. It is a move by Microsoft to unify the gigantic market that comes with the Minecraft game.

The reaction gamers have regarding this update varies from person to person. Some express utter happiness that they get to interact more with a larger set of other players, being able to play across different platforms without the need for buying another gaming set. While some players express dismay on the implementation specifics such as the look and feel the new version of Minecraft seems to offer.

There is also some push back felt from some of the other major platforms specifically Sony. Sony has not been entirely vocal and keen about joining the wagon that Windows has set-up for the Minecraft game. Regardless of the direction of this venture by Microsoft, fans can at least take comfort on the fact that Minecraft keeps on getting updated.

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