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WhatsApp Download iPad Could Work With Third-Party Apps


WhatsApp is among the most popular messaging apps all over the world. This is because WhatsApp is available for any mobile platform, be it for Android, iOS, or Windows. However, the only problem is that WhatsApp is hardly configurable with the iPad. Thus, it is not possible to install the app for your favorite iOS device.

Good thing, you can access the app via WhatsApp Web on your iPad. This will be done in a couple of options, which can be through a third-party app from the App Store or via Safari.

WhatsApp Web Via Safari

  • Simply go to by opening your Safari and type the link on the search box. You will then be brought to the WhatsApp homepage.
  • Tap the URL and swipe down in order to access the top drawer from the favorites menu when typing a Web address. Tap the option to “Load desktop site”.
  • This will enable you to see the QR code that you can use to pair with your iPhone. Just go to Settings > WhatsApp Web and then scan the code.

This should get WhatsApp running on your iOS device, but you are not able to send voice notes, as it is not supported by WhatsApp. Likewise, you won’t get any notifications from Web browsers such as Safari, as they are not supported on iOS. This will also hinder you from receiving notifications for incoming messages.

Third-Party WhatsApp Web Apps

The use of WhatsApp Web on an iPad via Safari Web browser shouldn’t offer a great experience, as it wasn’t designed for this iOS device. In fact, developers have realized the gap in the market in terms WhatsApp Web app for iPad. If you are looking to use WhatsApp on your iPad, it is recommended to use third-party apps that provide notifications for a price.

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