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Google Maps 9.62.0 BETA Free Download Available with New Improvements


Google Maps is a very powerful application that’s available on mobile devices. It is very handy especially when you are visiting a foreign city, as you will easily be able to find public transportation to get you from a place to another. At the same time, you also get an estimation of when the bus will arrive to the station and how long your trip will be.

At the same time, Google Maps is very useful when you travel by car all over the world. It comes with an online map that will get updated during your journey. It will also inform you if there is an accident ahead and it will try to find a new route, to avoid any traffic jam. You also have the ability to find restaurants, hotels and gas stations and plan a stop to them.

The latest Google Maps BETA version that has been released for Android devices is 9.62.0. It comes with an installation file size of 26.92MB, meaning that it is 0.54MB smaller than the previous version of the application. That being said, the new Google Maps BETA version comes only with bug fixes.

However, even if it doesn’t come with any new features or options, we suggest you to install the latest Google Maps version as soon as possible.

Google Maps 9.62.0 BETA: How To Install On Your Android Device

  • Open the browser on your mobile device and head to this Google Play Store web page;
  • Tap on the “BECOME A TESTER” button;
  • Launch the Google Play Store App on your Android handset;
  • Search for Google Maps 9.62.0 BETA;
  • Tap “INSTALL” to start the installation process.

Have you ever used Google Maps on your Android device? Tell us your thoughts about this awesome application!

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