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Pokemon Gold and Silver Available to Play on Nintendo 2DS XL


Nintendo is one of the most popular console manufacturers in the world. In fact, Nintendo is so popular that its name has somehow become eponymous with the concept of the classic video gaming console. So what better device to play vintage games on than on a special edition Nintendo console? Well, the renowned Japanese company is now putting out Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver for the new 2DS XL console.

Poke Ball Edition

This is a special edition known as the ‘Poke Ball Edition’, so if you’re a fan of both Nintendo and Pokemon alike, then I guess it’s something for you to consider. Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver are household name in the beloved pocket monster game franchise, so if you’re a die hard fan of vintage games you will surely love their installments on the special and limited edition Nintendo 2DS XL mini console.

The Nintendo 2DS XL mini console is somewhat new in itself, but not as new as one might think. What is new about this particular installment is that it’s completely customized to fit the entire Pokemon universe. The Nintendo 2DS XL mini console special Poke Ball edition is made to look, as the name in itself implies, like a Poke Ball. Well, it doesn’t look like a Poke Ball per se because it’s not round, it’s rectangular like a normal Nintendo 2DS XL mini console.

But its forefront is designed in that timeless and utterly recognizable Poke Ball style. And if you live in Japan, there is another limited edition Nintendo 2DS XL mini console available for you there, and this one is Pikachu themed. The Pikachu themed one is arguably a whole lot cuter, but unfortunately, not everyone is going to be able to get it.

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