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Google Chrome: Computer, Android, and IOS Update


One of the quickest ways to get your system compromised is by not updating it. Google Chrome being one of the most famous gateways to the Internet and being used by millions of users worldwide should be on the top of the list to target by malicious entities. This fact alone should merit that you would need to actively make sure that Chrome gets the latest updates and patches from Google.

You can use Google Chrome with computers, Android devices, and IOS products. These versions offer the same exact services and features, but have a couple differences in aesthetics.

In general, Google Chrome is set to automatically install updates, but if you want to do it manually you can do the following steps to accomplish them:

For the Computer version of Chrome, note that an update may automatically be installed especially if you close and exit your Chrome application every after use. However, if you have not exited your browser for quite some time you may have already missed out on an update or two.

To update Google Chrome, all you need to do is to Click the three dots menu on the upper right corner of your browser window and look for the Update Google Chrome button. If you do not see this option then you can be sure that you have the latest version of Google Chrome installed.

The Android version of Chrome has a little bit different process, but is also simple to check and do as well. Go to you Android Play Store app and tap on the three bars menu button on the uppermost left side of the app, then tap on the My apps & games menu item under Apps & games. You will be taken into a page with three tabs; the first tab is about Updates. If you scroll down you will see all the pending updates for all the apps you have installed on your system. If you see a Chrome Update then you will need to tap it to perform the update.

The steps for the IOS version have a very similar process. Just go to the App Store and scroll to the bottom where you will find the Updates button. Tapping it will reveal all the available updates that are pending, including Chrome if you find it.

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