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Clash of Clans Latest Tricks You Never Knew About


Clash of Clans is a mobile game that appears simple at first. However, as you continue to play you will notice that there is a lot more to it than that. Despite the fact that it has millions of users there are some tricks that are not that well known. Today we want to share them with you and help your village grow in no time.

Stash your elixir in the barracks

If you want to protect your elixir but your shield is down, you should know that there is another way to keep it safe. You can queue troops so that the elixir will be “taken”, then you can leave your village and when you return you can simply cancel the queue and get back all your elixir. This way, no attack will be able to steal it from you.

How to lose trophies for free

It may sound silly at first, but many players wish to go back to a smaller number of trophies. That is because when you have too many you will have to deal with powerful rivals that may be too tough for you. Therefore, you might wish to lose some trophies. In order to do that without losing anything else, you can simply attack someone with one of your heroes and then end the fight before he does anything. This way you will lose some cups and still have your hero ready to fight.

Get rid of mortars

Mortars can be one of the trickiest defense weapons since it has such a big range. However, it is not that hard to get rid of them. You need a 4+ star Lighting Spell in order to get rid a mortar that is level 4-5. It won’t cost you too much, and it will make attacks easier.

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