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Explore a World of Wonders with Google Earth Features


If you have not heard about Google Earth yet, then you must not be from this planet. With Google Earth you will be able to check out the entire world like a marvel superhero that has the ability to fly at high speeds. Kidding aside, you indeed have been missing out if you have not tried using Google Earth at least once. Although, if you have tried using the Google Maps service then at least you will already have used some of the features that can be found in Google Earth.

Google Earth’s paid version or Google Earth Pro has just recently reduced its price tag from $400 down to $0. Yes, you have read that right, Google Earth Pro is now free to download and use. Arguably, Google Earth is the best tool for viewing the world geographically and its pro version being free has got to be one of the best bargains you will have ever seen in the entire inter-webs.

The beauty of Google Earth Pro lies with its simplicity of use that masks the great power it holds and lets its users borrow. Imagine at the tip of your fingers or hands you will be able to see and navigate the geographical world as it is.

You will be able to see the world with a bird’s eye view and have the power to gradually see the changes the face of the earth has seen over time. You can view climate details as well as relive trips and routes you have once taken owing to its realistic 3D rendition.

To begin with, you can start your exploration of Google Earth’s capabilities with these three easy activities:

  1. If you are feeling nostalgic, missing a place that you used to be a part of your life, or you just want to view your current hometown then all you have to do with Google Earth is to enter the keywords on the Fly To text field in the search box of Google Earth Pro and click the search button. In the search results check if any of the listed items hit what you were looking for and double click it to let Google Earth fly you to that location.
  2. Being confined where you are and not being able to travel outside of your current area can sometimes burn you out. Work or other commitments might not let you travel, but with Google Earth, you can have a virtual tour around the world and escape from your office for a few minutes. You achieve this by clicking the Play Tour button in the Sightseeing folder located in the Places Panel.
  3. A similar feature that you can do with Google Maps is that you can also get driving directions using Google Earth. To do this all you have to do is right-click or ctrl-click if you are on a Mac or any of the search results that came up after searching for a location. You then select the Directions from here or Directions to here menu item. You will have a direction route that is mapped in the 3D view.

Explore and learn more about updates and the newest Google Earth features now.

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