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Firefox 54 Update Download Available with Bug Fixes and New Improvements


Firefox was the one of the first free open-source and modern browsers that enhanced the browsing experience. It was first released on September 23, 2002, by Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation, since then it extended from Windows to macOS, Linux, Android and in late 2015 to iOS but without too much success. For a long period of time it was very adored by users and had an immense success but in the last period of time, maybe because of all the competitors, Mozilla seems to have lost interest in protecting its users.

In the last update for Firefox, Mozilla has fixed 32 bugs from at least one deemed critical, according to the new security advisory. Security researcher Nils found the vulnerability CVE-2017-5472 within Firefox during tree reconstruction while regenerating a CSS layout.

Also, the update fixes three very dangerous vulnerabilities: CVE-2017-7749, CVE-2017-7750 and CVE-2017-7751. First vulnerability occurs when using an incorrect URL while the reloading a docshell. The second one appears during control operations. And the third vulnerability happens with viewers and listeners. Every one of the third ones can lead to a crash that can be exploited.

Another bug that had been patched is CVE-2017-7759 affected only Firefox user on Android. Mozilla says that ‘intent URLs given to Firefox from Android are used to navigate HTTP or HTTPS URLs to local files. This allows the reading of information by violating same-origin policy’.

Excepting the security fixes Mozilla also tries to win back some users from Safari and Chrome by releasing in the new Firefox 54 some fanfare content. Mozilla Firefox also has a new design that will attract more and more fans.

Also in the hope of reducing the memory demands and increasing the performance the browser now splits in different processes when runs content on multiple tabs.

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