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Apple Maps Tries to Outrun Google Maps


Remember when Google initially cut off Apple from receiving Google Maps support? Well, Google Maps is back on Apple devices, and that is enough evidence that Apple Maps isn’t the greatest navigation service out there. In fact, when one talks about great navigation services, the top two are Google owned (Google Maps and Waze), and Apple Maps isn’t even in the top five.

Apple Maps is the navigation service responsible for notorious flops such as sending drivers straight into the middle of airport runways, among other mishaps and unfortunate events. This is why the thought of a possible rivalry between Apple Maps and Google Maps might amuse you at first. It sure did amuse us. However, keep on reading and you’ll find out how Apple plans to succeed in making their Maps a worthy rival of Google’s corresponding service.

ARKit is the Answer

The solution for this lies in the hands of the newly implemented Apple ARKit. Apple’s ARKit is an augmented reality platform that lets developers integrate AR into otherwise banal apps that didn’t use it before. It has been done so far with games such as Minecraft and apps such as the Measuring Tape, and it seems to be going great for everyone involved until now.

So how will this ARKit help Apple Maps? Well, from what we understand, the new Apple Maps app for iOS 11 that is now available in the beta testing program of the operating system comes with ARKit integration that lets you use your iPhone’s camera in a similar way to Google Maps VR on the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. But it’s not VR, its AR, so it might not be as exciting but it’s certainly way more accessible to a wider array of people.

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