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What to do when you encounter, “Unable to Update the Minecraft Native Launcher” error?


The Minecraft game takes you into a world of blocks where you will have the power to change the shape of the world around you. The only clear limiting factor is the player’s imagination. Behind this beautiful game is a complex labyrinth of codes that work in chaotic harmony to bring us the world of Minecraft. This is one of the reasons why the developers behind Minecraft are always hard at work to monitor and fix up game bugs as soon as possible. And given the age of the game, there are already known errors that almost all Minecraft gamers occasionally encounter.

One such error that keeps on coming back despite the numerous updates, upgrades, bug fixes, and system patches is the “Unable to Update the Minecraft Native Launcher” error. This error pops up usually for Desktop and Mac Minecraft launchers and prompts just right after opening the launcher program when trying to login into the Minecraft game.

A quick google search would reveal that a lot indeed has encountered this problem throughout the years Minecraft has existed and there are a lot of theories as well as perfect solutions for when one encounters such a problem.

When this error is encountered, there could be several reasons as to why you have reached this dead end.

Here’s a check list on three possible causes for the “Unable to Update the Minecraft Native Launcher” error.

  1. Check your Internet Connectivity. Sometimes you might have a connection error which limits or totally blocks your Minecraft launcher from successfully connecting to the game servers. Check your wifi or Ethernet icon if there is Internet connectivity on the network your computer is currently connected to. Also check the wired connectors of your modem and check if any of them are loose.

If your Internet connectivity is too slow, this may also be the cause why your launcher failed to connect to the              Mojang servers properly which lead to the failure of successfully downloading the necessary files needed by                  your Minecraft Launcher.

  1. Check the official mojang news or blog pages, it could be a possibility that Minecraft is currently under maintenance. A game with a database as big as Minecraft’s, a regular system downtime for maintenance checkups and diagnostic runs is not uncommon.
  2. Check your network’s or your computer’s firewall. This third common reason is a simple reason that is a lot of times overlooked by a lot of Minecraft fans. Sometimes the firewall is set to block your minecraft launcher, which obviously would hinder your game’s performance.

Regardless of the cause of this particular Launcher error, simple remedies like restarting your computer could sometimes work. You might also want to try to uninstall and reinstall your Minecraft Launcher while you are at it. Do not be dismayed if you do not get it to work immediately at first because there are a lot of forums online that tackles the same exact problem you are currently experiencing right now and they all have discovered workarounds with the help of the large Minecraft community.

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