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OnePlus 5T to Make An Appearance at an Event on November 5?


There have been numerous rumors about the upcoming OnePlus even. At first, it has been speculated that OnePlus 5T won’t be released, and some users were even hoping for OnePlus 6. However, it appears that OnePlus 5T will be revealed at an event on November 5. A new image has appeared on the Internet and it looks like an invitation.

Fake invite

The image mentioned the letter T which was clearly interpreted as a clue for the OnePlus 5T model. The invite also featured the outline of a bezel-less display that looks similar to the OnePlus design. This looked very realistic because the OnePlus 5T was supposed to be a minor upgrade that won’t bring huge changes.

Earlier this month, there were some rumors that OnePlus was supposed to release the next device in November. The rumors seemed to be trustworthy since it has been reported that OnePlus 5 has gone out of stock in almost all locations, except India because there is peak festival season.

However, the news was fake. OnePlus quickly explained that the invite was not real and there will be no event. Many users were disappointed because they believed that these were actual press invitations sent by the OnePlus company. In fact, many users believe that the reason why they won’t organize an event right now is that of the Indian festival since they won’t be able to attract enough attention.

OnePlus 5T

OnePlus did not offer any additional information, and we do not know if OnePlus 5T is a reality. However, according to rumors, the phone is supposed to have a 6-inch full HD+18:9 display, with 1080×2160 pixels. Besides that, we do not know that much about the specs of OnePlus 5T. Additionally, we do not have a clue about a possible reveal day.

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