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[Download] Chrome Android Version with Breaking News Push Notification


Google is currently testing a new feature for Chrome, so in the future users might see notifications of breaking news on the Android version of their Chrome.

This option was found in a log, on Chrome’s Canary channel, where a log on ‘chrome://flags’ contained a list with functions that are experimental. These functions can be enabled or disabled by users. Among these functions, there is a new flag called ‘Breaking News Push’.

The ‘Breaking News Push’ – Details

The flag is described as a flag that will be able to listen to suggestion on breaking news content and then the content will be delivered to the devices that use the Messaging Service (- from Google Cloud). There is no other information on this flag, we don’t know how much it can be customized, but we’re pretty sure that it will need some input from users in order to deliver important news that concern the individual users.

The flag appears to be fresh and it hasn’t gone through much development, so there should be a lot more content to add or tweak to make this option important on Chrome.

We are saying this because there are a lot of Android apps that deliver news, and a feature on Chrome is not that relevant, considering that this idea is already out there, available to users in a different app.

Is ‘Breaking News Push’ a Must Have or Not?

Also, there is one thing to consider: why are people using a browser? To search for whatever they are interested in, and being notified about the different news that might not concern them will be more of a nuisance. The great news is that if you don’t like it, you can disable it!

Still, as Google continues adding more to their Android version of their browser, it seems that the app will be an effective alternative to having various apps installed, as it provides more features than a single app could give.

We are going to give it a try and see how it works, whenever it will be released on Chrome Android App.

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