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[Download] YouTube 12.41.53 With New Notifications and Video Quality


There are few apps that are as essential to a smartphone user as the YouTube app. While everyone loves the desktop version of YouTube, the mobile app is also very popular, and it is a must for everyone getting a new smartphone. Those that already have the app installed should be happy to know that there is a brand new version available, which makes the YouTube experience even better for mobile users. The latest version of the YouTube app is 12.41.53. Let’s take a closer look at what can be found inside the latest iteration of everyone’s favorite video platform.

The latest and greatest on the YouTube app

Here are the most important features that have been added to the YouTube app as of version 12.41.53:

  1. Notifications can be managed a lot more easily now. This is thanks to the new Activity tab, which acts as a control center for everything related to notifications. Now, it’s a lot easier to always be on top of the situation and know exactly how many notifications you have, so you can better keep up with your favorite YouTube shows and channels.
  2. Videos are a lot easier to manage as well, as they can now be instantly removed from a created playlist. If you add a video to your playlist but decide later on that it shouldn’t be there, simply swipe on the screen in order to remove that video from the list. It’s a really small but effective implementation and it comes in handy for anyone that likes to organize their videos into playlists.

The YouTube app is a great way of staying in touch with all the latest video content that is being released by the internet’s top content creators. Whether you like funny skits, vlogs or reviews, you can find a large variety of any of those types and more, on YouTube.  In case you don’t have the YouTube app installed, or have not yet updated to version 12.41.53, you have two ways of doing it. You can either go to the official Google Play Store and download it over the air as a regular update, or get the APK file for the latest update and install it manually.

While the former solution is a lot easier in most people’s opinion, the latter is great for when you don’t have access to the internet on your mobile device. This allows you to get the app installed without having to wait until you connect your phone to a WiFi network. Simply download the corresponding .apk file for update 12.41.53 from a trustworthy APK site, and then copy it to your phone’s internal memory. Then, tap on the .apk file on your phone’s screen in order to start the short installation process.

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