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[Download] WhatsApp Update with New Features That Allows You to Call Multiple Friends at Once


It appears that WhatsApp is about to release a new update. This comes as no surprise since WhatsApp has been working hard in order to bring new updates constantly. Now, the app plans to bring voice and video calls for group chats, which means that you will be able to call multiple friends at once.

This is a big change, since right now voice and video calls are available only in one-on-one conversations. But in the future this won’t be the case anymore.

The feature is on its way

We already received a clue that shows us that WhatsApp is already working on this function. The app showed us how Live Location will work, but in one of those images we spotted something interesting. The picture showed a group chat conversation, but we could clearly see that the options for voice and video calls were there. This means that the feature will become a reality in the future.

Various reports have revealed that the video call option will roll out after the voice call feature will do. However, you should not expect this feature too soon, in fact it might come out in 2018. It appears that WhatsApp “has other priorities” but it is good to know that this feature will eventually roll out. We can expect the unsend function in the close future though.

Other apps already have this feature

WhatsApp will join other applications that already have this feature. For example, Facebook Messenger already offers this, although Messenger group chats are not that as popular as WhatsApp ones. In fact, Facebook is also planning to release a Bonfire that will be a group video chat app that is already available for a small number of users.

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