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[Download] WhatsApp Update with MyStatus New Features


When it comes to mobile messengers, WhatsApp is definitely the most popular one. One of its main advantages it the fact that it does not require an account, and it can be used with your phone number. But, setting that aside, WhatsApp is a powerful app because it is constantly improved and users received new features very often. Now, there are some new additions on their way to the app, and they are already available for those who have signed up for the beta version of the app.

MyStatus updates

The status feature of WhatsApp is one of the oldest ones and it is used by almost all users. The best part about WhatsApp statuses is that they evolved in time. Right now, MyStatus can be used with GIFs, images or videos and it’s about to receive a new addition. The upcoming update will allow users to choose any font and they can pick the background color as well. The new feature can be used after tapping the pencil icon that will show up on the Status page.

Larger files sharing

Until now, WhatsApp users weren’t able to share files that were too big. However, the app wants to improve sharing, and the size of the files that can be sent has been increased to 100 MB.

Check your storage

WhatsApp saves all the shared files and this might become a problem for your storage in time. With the upcoming features, users will be able to control their storage better. You will be able to see just how much internal memory is occupied by a certain chat. Navigation to Storage usage will allow you to see what are the groups and contacts that take up storage and files can be deleted manually by tapping on a contact.

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