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iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8 Speed Test Shows Interesting Results


You might have heard of iPhone 8 and its A11 Bionic processor that is absolutely fierce. The A11 Bionic processor has proved to be the most powerful chip available in a phone right now according to score benchmarks. It looks like the iPhone 8 will perform even better than the recent MacBook Pro.

There have been some real-life tests done in order to see how it really works and guess what? It passed the tests with flying colors!

It’s time haters gave some love to iPhones and closely watch this article for these next scores and tests.

iPhone 7 Was more Powerful than Top Android Devices and Now iPhone 8 is a Beast

The previous iPhone was powerful too, but the iPhone 8 is a beast when compared Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8. There is a clear winner here, with iPhone 8 beating these two devices to a pulp.

The real-life tests were made and the phones were put under tests to see which phone will export a video. For example in order to export a 4K video which is 2 minutes short, the iPhone took 0:42 seconds to do it, while Galaxy Note 8 moved slower and finished in 3:03 and Galaxy S8 took a lot longer, finishing the job in 4:07 minutes.

The graphics power was also tested in 3DMark and the Apple GPU in iPhone 8 Plus has a score of 64412, while the Galaxy Note 8 gets to 40000 and the Galaxy S8 would go around 36500.

The iPhone 8 is faster in opening apps faster than its predecessor, being more efficient by opening the Injustice game for example in 11 seconds, unlike the iPhone 7 which opened it in 14.53 seconds and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in 19 seconds.

It looks like the iPhone 8 is the fastest phone ever, beating every Android on the market.

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