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[Download] WhatsApp 2.17.401 Beta APK with Location Sharing in Real Time and Color Filters


Looking at how highly popular messaging and calling apps such as WhatsApp are constantly evolving, I am starting to think that no one is going to need cellular plans from carriers such as AT&T or Sprint in the not so far away feature. WhatsApp is a free messaging app that’s packed with communication features such as instant messaging, voice calls or audio calls and it works on all smartphones including iOS and Android.


WhatsApp 2.17.401 Beta APK

Beta enlisted WhatsApp users should be happy to know that a new update is available for download. This update changes the app’s version number to 2.17.401 and it introduces live location sharing. This feature makes it easier for people to get together since they can simply share their location in real time. Additionally, this new update also introduces color filters which can be used to create artistic photos. The filters are available straight from the app’s camera.

Free to Use

Even though this might seem surreal, WhatsApp is entirely free to use. The app allows everyone to call or text their friends and it doesn’t charge anything in return. The reason behind this being that WhatsApp uses the smartphone’s internet connection instead of traditional cellular plan voice minutes.

Free Audio and Video Calls

WhatsApp allows users to call each other with the simple tap of a button and this is done through the internet. This means that WhatsApp users can communicate with each other for free, even though they might live in different regions of the world.

Another cool feature that WhatsApp offers is video calls. This app is slowly but surely taking over Skype since it offers the same video calling quality and it can also be used to create group video calls thus making it usable by companies and not only individual users.

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