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Best Clash of Clans Apps Essential Tools to Max Out Villages


Clash of Clans is a great mobile game and there’s a good reason why it sits on the top place in the most downloaded Android and iOS games chart. First of all, the game is fun to play and this is what really matters. However, there’s a learning curve to Clash of Clans which separates good players from great players.

Luckily, there are numerous apps and guides which help players max out their villages faster. These apps are essential tools for Clash of Clans players who want to be among the best and to not waste time struggling to max their village. Also, we should mention that these apps are exclusive to Android smartphones.


Clash Gem Calculator

As the app’s name implies, this is a gem calculator which makes it easier for players to determine just how much gems they need to purchase speeds boosts. The app is also great when it comes to calculating how much extra gold players need to improve their defenses. In addition, the gem exchange rate is the same as gold and elixirs.

Calc of Clans

This app is developed by a famous Clash of Clans player known as Matty De Bie. This is an essential app to every Clash of Clans player that wants to be successful since it gives them a way to check exactly how long it takes to max their base at a new Town Hall level. This app also provides players with information regarding how much time and resources they spent maxing out their villages.

Wikia: Clash of Clans

Right off the bat, we need to mention that this is not an app. Instead, this is a website page that contains valuable Clash of Clans information. Wikia can be used to find out what stats boosts different troops and buildings will feature after being upgraded.

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