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[Download] WhatsApp 2.17.364 APK and Update to New Features


WhatsApp users can finally rejoice as the most popular IM service in the world has returned with a new update. Now, users can take their WhatsApp experience all the way to version 2.17.364, which brings some improvements and makes the entire experience better and more enjoyable. As many know, WhatsApp has been bought a couple of years back by Facebook, which means that it benefits from some crisp development attention. Facebook is definitely a company that would know how to supplement new updates to an app in order to keep it at number one the popularity charts, so each time WhatsApp drops a new update nowadays, fans are expecting the moon.

What’s new in the latest build?

This is what you’re probably most interested in, to know what Facebook has cooked up this time for its community and enthusiastic user base. IN terms of new features, there’s not a whole lot to talk about but there are however a couple of things that were added.

A new emoji collection

Those that have been using WhatsApp for a while probably know that the application uses a standardized emoji kit so that there is no confusion about emojis and what they represent between users coming from different platforms. In other words, when an Android user and an iOS user chat on WhatsApp, they will both know what an emoji represents. Now, Facebook has implemented a new emoji collection. In terms of design, it seems to emulate some eye-catching characteristics from Apple’s iOS emoji collection.

Simpler status messages

Being able to create more intricate status messages might be neat but it’s not for everyone. Those that like to keep things simple as far status messages go should be happy to know that there is a new option that allows just that. Now, users can simply create a text-only status, which can be backed up if needed by a background color change and a different font. While there are still many who will continue to use the fancier version of the status feature, it’s great to have the simplified alternative available.

Picture-in Picture

This is a new feature for WhatsApp which will allow users to tap the “back” command on their phones while in a video without actually closing the video window. Instead, they will be redirected to the previous screen alongside a smaller screen version of the video they were watching. There has been a trend going on lately for app developers to include multitasking features that have to do with shrinking a screen and watching video content in windowed mode. WhatsApp seems to be the latest big shot to adhere to that list of apps.

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular IM application simply because it’s easy to use and it offers a ton of features and content. Those that don’t have WhatsApp installed but would like to, have the option of either downloading it from the Google Play Store or manually installing it via the APK file.

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