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[Download] Viber APK with Interesting Features and Bug Fixes


Given the fact that you have thousands of app to choose from when it comes to populating your smartphone, the selection and range of applications can differ severely from user to user upon a close inspection. Even so, there are a handful of apps that you can find on most phones, regardless of their owner and Viber is such an app. Currently available in the form of the APK version, Viber is one of the best communication apps on the market for its satisfying features and quality services.

Newly added

While it’s cool when the developers bring out a lot of new interesting features which you get to test and play around with, it can’t happen regularly and sadly this update just isn’t one of those. With that said, it doesn’t mean that it’s not an update worth installing. In fact, if you value app performance and having a quality experience when you’re using Viber, then you most certainly should take the time to update to version

Squashed bugs

Viber took the opportunity to squash some bugs and work under the hood so that users can enjoy the app as much as possible.  It might not be the most exciting change log, but the udpate is definitely welcomed by those that understand the value of an optimized platform. With so many features available, something can go wrong fairly easily when there’s a bug or issue lurking around.

What’s Viber?

There is a pretty big following behind Viber, but not everyone uses or even knows about the app. If you’re among those that haven’t heard about Viber or haven’t been interested to try it out, here’s what you should know about it:

  • Viber is an instant messaging application that can help you get in touch with people from anywhere in the world, facilitating real-time conversations for free
  • With Viber, you can engage in both text chat and multimedia chat, making it a versatile tool you can share with both close relatives and friends, but also with business associates and whatnot
  • The app even offers its own currency and intercommunication features, meaning that if you’re not happy with your local provider, you can use the Viber network to initiate and receive calls, which works off of Viber’s own currency
  • The app is free to use, so even if you don’t want a payment plan you can get it and have a reliable connection with anyone, anywhere

Want to give it a try? Look Viber up on your operating system’s app store and download it as you would any other app. If that’s not an option, you can always download the APK file pertaining to version and copy it in your phone to install it manually.

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