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[Download] WeChat 6.5.16 APK Update Free with Key Features


There are numerous apps which specialize in helping users to get in touch with their friends or family members and to communicate with them. However, there is no other app that does it as well as WeChat. This app has been developed with one purpose in mind, and that purpose is to make it easier for users to message or call their friends.

WeChat 6.5.16 APK Update

One of the best things about WeChat is that it receives a constant stream of updates which contain new features and numerous bug fixes. In fact, the reason we are talking about WeChat today is because a new APK update which brings its version number to 6.5.16 has been made available for download.

As previously mentioned, the update is available only in APK form and its free for download. Moreover, interested users are required to manually install the update themselves since this is how APK updates work. Although, we should mention that the developers behind WeChat are certainly going to roll it out OTA (over the air) to the wide public, but we don’t know when that is going to happen.

Key Features

At its core, WeChat is a messaging app. Therefore, WeChat gives users the ability to send texts which may include videos, photos, stickers, GIFs and even voice messages. When it comes to chatting, this app proves to be quite useful since it allows users to create group chats with up to 500 people. In addition, users can also create video call conferences up to 9 people.

There are many apps which claim that they put a high price on user privacy however, WeChat is the only messaging app that’s certified by TRUSTe. WeChat users are allowed a high level of control over their privacy settings and WeChat doesn’t share personal information with other services.

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