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[Download] Viber Latest Version with New Features Available for Group Chats


At first Viber was a simple chat application, but it managed to grow in time and now it is one of the most popular apps of this kind. Obviously, Viber added some new functions and recently it released some updates that improve group chatting. The last features that rolled out on the Rakuten app enhanced communication with multiple users.

New improvements

The most recent update allows you reply to specific messages in the group chat, send messages to multiple people privately or pin messages in group chats.

Replying to certain messages

This is one feature that has already been released in other apps like WhatsApp and it is nice to see that we will be able to use it on Viber as well. With this function you will be able to reply to a specific message in the group chat and you can do that by long pressing it.

Broadcast a message

Sometimes you want to send a message to multiple persons, but you do not want to create a group chat for it. This new feature will allow you to do that by broadcasting a message to multiple persons.

Pinning a message

Additionally, group admins have received some new functions. For example, you will be able to pin an important message so that it will always stay on top and everyone can read it. This way your announcement won’t be covered by the other messages in the group. You will also notice that the announcements don’t look like similar messages, instead they will appear in a purple banner at the top of the conversations. In order to pin one message all you have to do is long-tap it and then select the “Pin” option. The announcement will stay there and it can’t be removed, unless another admin does it.

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