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GTA Online Additions Comes with Transform Races and New Vehicles


While many fans are still awaiting some news about a possible Grand Theft Auto 6, Rockstar Games continues to focus on the online version of GTA. And it is not hard to understand why. The company had huge profits and the hype is not done yet. In fact, even the original Grand Theft Auto 5 is very popular, despite the fact that it has been released four years ago. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that GTA Online players receive new updates constantly. And now they have another reason to rejoice: there are even more additions on their way. We took a peek, and we are here to tell you what you will see in the coming months.

Transform Races will upgrade the racing system

The name tells you almost everything, and Transform Races will allow you to switch vehicles types while racing in the air, on the ground or on water. This means you can move from a car to a plane and then get on a boat in the same race. You can consider it an upgrade for Stunt Racing and it will come with “new and unique stunt tracks [that] will allow for transitions that run the gamut of vehicle types.”

Transform Races will also come with two different modes. Dogfight mode is the first one and it will make players battle in the air using aircraft. Condemned mode is the second one and it will transform one player into a target. In order to change that, he or she will have to kill an opponent.

New vehicles

Obviously, some of the additions will be vehicles. For example, players will get a new super car, the Coil Cyclone and the Vigilante. You should also expect Legendary Motorsport updates.

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