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[Download] Skype Update for iOS with New Design


The new Skype was not liked by all users,  and many made sure that Microsoft knows this. This controversial version was released back in June for iOS and Android. However, things did not go right so this version was not launched for Mac and Windows. Even if Microsoft messed up with Skype, we can really appreciate that the company immediately asked for feedback in order to fix its mistakes.

In a new statement, Microsoft seems to acknowledge the flaws. The company admits that the new Skype “was a big change”

“We received a lot of great feedback from the Skype community. We want you to know we’ve been listening. We’re committed to providing you with an amazing experience and appreciate the time you’ve taken to share your thoughts,” Microsoft’s Ellen Kilbourne said.

Microsoft is ready to fix those issues

It appears that the company worked fast and a new version is on its way. It is already available for Skype Insiders, and it should also come to iOS. If there will be positive feedback, this version may become available for all devices.

Skype for iOS build comes with the following improvements::

  • Notifications are separate. Users can access them by tapping a bell icon that is situated in the top header
  • Settings can be accessed from the Profile screen, making them easier to be found.
  • The search bar is smaller, because many users complained that it was too big and it took too much place, covering the chats.
  • Numeric badges are back by popular demand. With just one quick look you will be able to see how many highlights, chats or calls you have to check.
  • Tapping your avatar in the middle of the top header will open your Skype profile.

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