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GoPro GP1 New Processor Available Soon


A while ago the media announced the death of GoPro. However, if we look at GoPro now, it is hard to believe that it was in trouble, especially if you take a look at GP1, the chipset produced by them. “When I first was listening to our team’s desire to make a chip, I felt a bit of anxiety, like, are we getting a bit ahead of ourselves?

This might be beyond what our capabilities are,” Nick Woodman, GoPro founder and CEO declared. He also added that this chip was a great way to reduce expenses: “People are sometimes confused about how much it costs to build a GoPro,” he said. “How much it costs to design, engineer, manufacture, distribute. It’s an expensive business, and unfortunately, over the last couple of years, it’s not always easy to run profitably. If we didn’t design the GP1 chip ourselves, Hero 6 Black would be much more expensive than it is today.”

GoPro does not need to depend on anyone anymore

Until now the company had to rely on Ambarella for chips. This means that they were not able to control everything, and they even had to spend more. “We’ve finally been able to make a GoPro without compromises. We haven’t had to work on somebody’s else chip design and chip limitation,” Woodman declared.

And according to the CEO, the best is about to come: “I think what’s most exciting about GP1 is we’ve yet to tap its full potential. With every new release of a new GoPro, we come out with firmware updates that unlock new features, new performance. That’s especially true with Hero 6 Black.” Therefore we should keep an eye on GoPro since they are determined to bring some big changes.

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