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[Download] Skype Preview APK Update with Photo Effects and Visually Refreshed Chat Layout


Just like any other app, Skype has its own beta program. This program is called Skype Preview and it allows users to access to the latest features and performance tweaks. In order to be granted access to these updates, users are first required to enlist in the Skype Preview program. Moreover, the only thing that Skype Preview users need to do in exchange is to provide the developers with feedback which helps them get rid of bugs.

Skype Preview APK Update

The reason why Skype Preview made headlines today is because a new APK update that’s exclusive to beta users has been published. The APK file weighs in at 29.48MB and it is targeted towards devices that run on Android 7.1 Nougat. Luckily, low-end smartphone owners can also download the new APK file since it requires a minimum of Android 5.0 Lollipop to function.

Photo Effects

This is a major update and it contains numerous features. The first one is Photo Effects which enables users to capture pictures and add fun effects to them. This can be achieved by simply tapping on the “magic wand” icon after snapping a photo. In addition, this feature works similarly to Snapchat’s filters.

Improved Messaging Experience

Considering that Skype is an app that specializes in communication, no one should be surprised to find out that this new update improves the messaging experience. The latest version of Skype Preview introduces cool messaging features such as location sharing and GIFs alongside many others.

New Chat Layout

User interfaces play an important role in every app and the developers behind Skype Preview know that too well. Therefore, the updated version of Skype Preview has been equipped with a new and improved chat layout. This visual change makes it easier for users to see more of their conversation.

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