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Google Chrome 62 For Mac Now Available With Tons Of Supported Features


A new version of Google Chrome has been released for the Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms. This should be great news for those who want to use Chrome instead of the Safari browser on the Mac. You can download Chrome from the App Store without paying anything.

Chrome’s latest version has included support for iOS 11 starting with the Drag and Drop feature for the iPad. This should enable iPad users to drag a particular URL from the Chrome browser onto another app or the other way around.

Likewise, another update includes the new Today widgets. These can be accessible by swiping on an iPad or iPhone in order to get the Today view. You can then select the Edit option if you need to access the available widgets.

Under the Today widgets are Suggested Sites and Quick Actions. Suggested Sites provides site suggestions on the basis of browsing habits. On the other hand, Quick Actions provides access to new search, voice search, incognito search, or option to scan QR codes. Additionally, it offers an area where your recently copied links are listed.

Chrome version 62, however, may not have much to offer to its users, but it has quite a number of fixes for its security issues. Thus, it offers support for OpenType variable fonts, Network Quality Estimator API’s full release, stream and capture DOM elements, and Normal and Incognito mode HTTP warnings.

OpenType Variable Fonts

This feature would allow font makers to merge the font family variations into a single file so that developers can use it and control via CSS. This in turn would result to fewer files to be loaded on a website, which improves page load times and saves bandwidth.

HTTP Warnings For Normal And Incognito Mode

A Not Secure indicator will be added beginning with Chrome 62, as it was announced in April 2017. So, there will be major changes planned by Google, which include how Chrome would mark the HTTP pages in default browsing. In the Incognito mode, the same indicator will mark all HTTP pages beginning with Chrome version 62. Such labeling will be done regardless if the form field is present on the page or not.

Media Capture From DOM APIs And Network Quality Estimator

Media Capture from DOM elements should allow developers to record videos on how page sections should behave during the interaction and stream of content over WebRTC. This API should be useful for developers when debugging a page. However, it can also be useful for support teams wondering to see the activities on the side of the user.

The Network Quality Estimator would allow developers to access network speed and performance metrics some websites would use to adapt audio quality, video streams, and to deliver the sites’ low-fi versions.

Additionally, you can now use Payment Request API in Chrome for iOS. This will support a number of different pries and line items in each payment method. Moreover, interfaces for DOM are now supported for HTML elements so that developers can store client-side content in a native, machine-readable method.

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